Himapan studio in NYC

Himapan USA is a NYC based lotus-leaf painting workshop with a tradition that is firmly rooted in Thai culture. With studios thriving in everywhere from Thailand, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, to Canada, Himapan offers a unique and accessible opportunity to flex your creativity and produce an exquisite work of art to take home with you. 

Sign up, choose a canvas, and start painting. We have a great selection of canvas, paints, brushes/sponges, varnish, and helpful staff to inspire and get you started—then paint away! Bring your friends, colleagues, and family for a night of crafty fun and relaxation. 

How it Works

Your canvas

Pristine lotus leaves are picked in Thailand, in an environmentally safe manner and transformed into your canvas 

your colors

Melt away your stress and enter a state of relaxed flow of colors as you lose yourself in your art

your creation

Flex your creative muscle and paint a lotus masterpiece that is uniquely beautiful and uniquely yours